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Décor (2021)   

for toy piano    07'


At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, in the fourth semester of my doctoral degree in composition while transitioning to online classes, and quarantining in my studio apartment, I decided to buy a toy piano. I found comfort in its cheapness, its limitations, and how it managed to destroy the pretentions of western classical instruments. I wrote many small pieces which failed to capture my impressions of this instrument, until the summer of 2021, when I collated a number of these sketches into a piece. I titled the piece Décor because my toy piano is a piece of decoration in my home.


















World Premiere

03.21.22 . 8pm CDT . Spectrum II . Recital Hall, College of Music, University of North Texas . 415 Ave C, Denton, TX . US

*Alvin Leung*

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