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Fade (2018)   

for cello and ensemble    05'

solo cello, flute, clarinet in A, glockenspiel, piano, violin, cello (alternate version, bass)


Fade is a brief piece for Solo Cello and mixed ensemble. At first the work is so slow that there is little distinction between the soloist and the ensemble. Gradually, from one gesture to the next, a momentum is built and the soloist comes into focus.

This piece was written for Orford Music Academy as a contribution to their annual composition workshop. It was premiered in the summer of 2018.








World Premiere

08.09.18 . 8pm EST . Orford Musique 2018: Stage de composition . Salle Gilles - Lefebvre . 3165 chemin du parc, Orford, QC . CA

*Orford Contemporary Ensemble, Hannah Rumora - Cello, conducted by Véronique Lacroix

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