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Gaudy (2019)   

for four musicians    06'


Gaudy was originally a plan for an electronic work. I later adapted the initial sketch into a graphic score. I decided that the gestures which I had in mind were so broad and contrasting that the did not need to be realized in a specific way. Instead they could be the basis for improvisation.

















World Premiere

03.31.23 . 7:30pm CEST . Midwest Graduate Music Consortium 2023: University of Chicago New Music Ensemble . Logan Center Performance Penthouse 9th Floor, 915 E 60th St . Chicago, IL . US

*Paul Novak, Flute, Rina Sugawara, Clarinet, Xiafeng Dong, Piano, Audrey Slote, Cello*



04.14.22 . 5pm CDT . NOVA Ensemble Reading Session . Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater, College of Music, University of North Texas . 415 Ave C, Denton, TX . US

*Elizabeth Garcia, Flute, Sam Ash, Clarinet, Grace Remmer, Viola, Ashton Gonzalez, Cello*

*Justin Weis, Euphonium, Amy Wang-Hiller, Violin, Ashton Gonzalez, Cello, Conner Simmons, Bass*


2021 . Willyn Whiting, Gaudy

Score Gallery: Graphic Score Exchange, wordpress blog . []


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