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HOWL (2023)   

for viola, baritone saxophone and fixed media   34'

I - a Reference to Vivaldi

II - Mormorio

III - Grida

IV - Dorme

V - Hommage à Grisey


World Premiere

04.08.23 . 8pm CEST . Willyn Whiting PhD Dissertation Recital . Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theatre, College of Music, University of North Texas, 415 Ave C . Denton, TX . US

*Elsie Bae Han, Viola, Wilson Poffenberger, Baritone Saxophone*


2023 . Metaphor and Mimesis in an Animal Soundscape

PhD Diss, University of North Texas []


Pastorale (2022)   

for viola and electronics    06'


European Premiere

12.30.22 . 8pm CEST . Resilience Festival 2022: Resilience Sounds Part II . Teatro Del Fuoco, Vicolo Cutino 6, 71121 . Foggia . IT

* Roberta Michelini*


12.03.22 . 8pm EDT . Bleep Blorp: A Master's Recital . The Boston Conservatory, Ipswich Building 106 , 132 Ipswich Street . Boston, MA . US

*Elsie Bae Han*


World Premiere

07.02.22 . 10am EDT . SPLICE Institute 2022: Concert 1 . D1005, Multimedia Room, Dalton Center, Western Michigan University, College of Fine Arts . 1300 Theater Drive, Kalamazoo, MI . US

*Elsie Bae Han* 



Pastorale (2022) and HOWL (2023) are two pieces which explore the topics of animal representation and metaphor in music. Both quote the second movement of Vivaldi’s Spring, which features a violist imitating a dog barking. HOWL was composed for RE: Duo and in partial fulfillment of a doctorate in composition.


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