Décor - for Toy Piano (2021)

Premiered by Alvin Leung at the University of North Texas 03.21.22.

This project was inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic and explores the idea of self expression in times of duress and with limited means. It also conveys something of a meta-narrative from my own life.

Sugar Rush - for Flute (2020)

Performed by Anne Dearth-Maker at the University of North Texas 02.21.22

This piece was written quite quickly as part of a 24 hour composing challenge. It showcases some of the processes that are typical of my recent work.

This is my second collaboration with Anne, though the first with video documentation.

Four Studies - for Player Piano (2020)

Premiered twice at the University of North Texas on two different disklaviers in 11.04.20 and 02.28.22

Technically my first pieces for fixed media, these studies are the product of a long under-explored interest of mine, the sonification of visual data.

Framework II - for fixed media (2021)

Premiered at the University of North Texas in the newly renovated Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater 09.27.21

This project is the second in a series of algorithmic pieces which are composed in the same manner. The writing process involves the discrete scheduling of sound events in time, before the creation of musical content. This is the only work in the series without a performer.

White Sky Over the Lake - for Pecussion and Electronics (2020)

Presented at SEAMUS by West Fox 04.25.21

White Sky Over the Lake is a generative piece for soloist and electronics. The performer reads a score which is generated in real time along-side an accompaniment that is also freely generated.

Magenta Variations - for Clarinet in Bb (2018)

Premiered by Amanda Forest at Crescent Fort Rouge United Church, Winnipeg MB 04.13.19

My first large scale solo piece and my first commission, Magenta Variations was written at a period in my output when I was focused on Spectral techniques of composition. I set up a unique challenge for myself to write a theme and variations with no theme.