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Two Pieces  (2019)  

for string quartet    08'


These two pieces were written as a pair of studies on the production of natural harmonics. Piece A systematically explores intervals which are possible using the first eleven harmonics on any available string. The harmonic motion is from intervallic complexity towards simplicity. Piece B explores the range of notes produced by slow harmonic glissandi, on specific strings.















World Premiere

08.28.22 . 2pm EDT . Creative Music Intensive 2022: Final Performance .  Arts Letters and Numbers . 1543 Burden Lake Road, Averill Park, NY . US 

*Del Sol String Quartet*



10.04.19 . 3pm CDT . Cong Quartet Reading Session . Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater, College of Music, University of North Texas . 415 Ave C, Denton, TX . US
*Cong Quartet*

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