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Whorls (2020)   

for bass flute    05'


The gestures and motifs in Whorls were inspired by spatial and visual experiences related to spiraling and concentric circles. The sensation of tumbling or spiraling, although rarely experienced is often vividly imagined or dreamed, when we no longer have enough stimulus to orient ourselves. Concentric circles are patterns observed in nature, but also the mind is compelled to imagine them when presented with a perfect circle (the moon on a clear night for example).



World Premiere

10.07.20 . 8:30pm CDT . Spectrum I . Voertman Hall, College of Music, University of North Texas . 415 Ave C, Denton, TX . US

*Anne Maker*



12.11.20 . Composers Forum of NT Vol.3 . Composers Forum of North Texas . Bandcamp Release . URL

*Anne Maker*

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