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White Sky Over the Lake (2020)   

for percussion and electronics    ~07’


03.10.23 . 8pm CEST . Electronic Music Midwest 2023: Concert 4 . Performing Arts Center, Kansas City Kansas Community College, 7250 State Ave . Kansas City, KS . US 

*Scott Deal *


04.25.21 . 5pm CDT . SEAMUS 2021: University of North Texas CEMI and Nova Ensemble . URL

*West Fox*


World Premiere

03.01.21 . 6:30pm CST . Spectrum I . Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater, College of Music, University of North Texas . 415 Ave C, Denton, TX . US

*West Fox*



White Sky Over the Lake (2020): Documentation and Reflection


White Sky Over the Lake is for pitched percussion and sine tones. The performer is tasked with improvising on a freely generated score. The duration is variable with each performance as is its fixed media component. The extra-musical topic of the piece is disorientation through a loss of stimuli.



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