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Lucid Dream (2022)   

for mezzo-soprano, soprano saxophone and piano    03'


12.07.22 . 7:30pm CEST . Klänge​ der Ruinen . Kunststation Sankt Peter, JabachstraBe 1, 50676 . Cologne . DE

* Trio Odelya*


World Premiere

09.04.22 . 2pm CEST . In + Out | Avant Garden Liedberg 2022 . Am Markt 10 D-41352, Korschenbroich-Liedberg . DE

* Trio Odelya* 


Text by the composer

My new apartment has a lovely view of the parcade.
I watch people walking from their cars and looking back at me
through my six-by-six foot window;
squinting, scrutinizing, drifting towards me, drifting from left to right.

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