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Willyn Whiting (b.1993) is a Canadian composer of experimental concert music. His works, over the years, have been performed/read by professional, and emerging ensembles including the Bozzini Quartet, Del Sol Sting Quartet, and Ensemble Atlantica. His music has been presented at SEAMUS , ICA Clarinetfest, Groundswell Linked, Electronic Music Midwest and the SPLICE Institute among other festivals and workshops. He has had the privilege of studying composition with Vincent Ho, Gary Kulesha, Paul Frehner, Panayiotis Kokoras, and Jon Nelson among others.

Willyn's music explores a wide range of technologies, compositional techniques, and organizational strategies, with a penchant for stark contrasts, liminal spaces, meta-narratives, and conceptual premises. 


PhD Composition, University of North Texas 


MM Composition, University of Western Ontario


BM Composition, University of Toronto


Photo Credit: Amanda Forest

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