Willyn Whiting (b.1993) is a Canadian Composer of concert music, currently pursuing a doctorate of music in the United States. His works, over the years, have been performed/read by professional, student, and ad-hoc ensembles including the Bozzini Quartet, Vaso String Quartet, NOVA Ensemble, and Ensemble Atlantica. His music has been presented at SEAMUS , ICA Clarinetfest and Groundswell Linked, among other festivals/workshops. 

Willyn’s acoustic works since 2017 have explored spectral techniques and simple algorithmic designs. His electroacoustic pieces have explored improvisation, generative scoring, audiovisual design, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Currently he is interested in relationships between algorithmic music and social criticism.   


A list of words you can use to describe his music:

Algorithmic, Buried, Classical, Decontextualized, Exponential, Fixed, Generic, Holistic, Indexed, Jarring, Keyed, Linear, Musical, New, Obsessive, Procedural, Quoted, Re-contextualized, Systematic, Temporal, Uncoverable, Variable, Western, Xenomorphic, Yielding, Zygomorphic.

PhD - University of North Texas (in progress)

MMus - University of Western Ontario

BMus - University of Toronto


Photo Credit: Amanda Forest