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Framework (2020) for Orchestra - 4'
1.picc.2.2.2 - - timp.perc(1):t.bells - strings
2024 World Premiere by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Julian Pellicano
2023 SOCAN Foundation Young Composer Award, Large Ensemble 2nd Place

SLEW (2019) for Orchestra - 7' - - timp - strings
2023 World Premiere by the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Taichi Fukumura


Two Pieces (2019-2022) for String Quartet - 8'
2022 World Premiere by the Del Sol String Quartet

Surfaces (2018) for Two Violins - 4'
2022 US Premiere by Mia Detwiler and Amy Wang-Hiller
2018 World Premiere by the Vaso String Quartet

Fade (2018) for Cello and Mixed Ensemble - 5'
solo vc, fl, cl, glsp, pft, vn, vc
solo vc, fl, cl, glsp, pft, vn, cb
2018 Word Premiere by the Orford Academy Contemporary Music Ensemble 2018 and Hannah Rumora, conducted by Veronique Lacroix

Masstones (2018) for String Quartet - 8'
2018 World Premiere by the Bozzini Quartet


Autumn (2018) for Soprano and Mixed Ensemble - 8'
sop, fl/picc, cl, ssax, sbwl, vn, va
2018 World Premiere by Ensemble Atlantica and Susan Dworkin, conducted by Baptiste Boiron

Six Blake Songs (2017-2018) for Soprano and Mixed Ensemble - 23'
sop, fl/picc, cl/bcl, tsax/bsax, vn, va
2018 World Premiere by Ensemble Atlantica and Susan Dworkin, conducted by Baptiste Boiron


CHIRP (2023) for Piccolo and Electronics - 8'
2/4-channel audio, fixed media

2024 Performed by Lea Baumert-Patterson at SEAMUS
2023 World Premiere by Robin Meiksins

HOWL (2022-2023) for Viola, Baritone Saxophone and Electronics - 34'
4-channel audio, fixed media
2023 World Premiere by RE: duo (Elsie Bae Han, Wilson Poffenberger)

Pastorale (2022) for Viola and Electronics - 6'
2-channel audio, fixed media
2022 European Premiere by Roberta Michellini
2022 World Premiere by Elsie Bae Han

White Sky Over the Lake (2020) for Percussion and Electronics - 7'
pitched metals, 2-channel audio, and generative electronics/score
2023 Performed by Guest Artist Scott Deal at Electronic Music Midwest Festival
2021 World Premiere by West Fox at SEAMUS


Deep Time (2024) for Historical Clarinet - 5'
2024 World Premiere by Vittoria Ecclesia

Decor (2021) for Toy Piano - 6'
2021 World Premiere by Alvin Leung

Whorls (2020) for Bass Flute - 5'
2020 World Premiere by Anne Maker

Um, Ut, Ur, Ug (2019) for Piano - 8'
2020 World Premiere by John Kosch

Magenta Variations (2018) for Clarinet - 9'
Commissioned by Amanda Forest
2019 World Premiere by Amanda Forest


Framework II (2021) for Fixed Media - 10'

1-screen video, 2/8-channel audio

2024 Napoleon Electronic Media Festival

2023 Manchester Theatre in Sound Festival

2023 Performing Media Festival

2021 University of California Riverside Virtual Exhibition

Four Studies (2020) for Player Piano - 5'

1-screen video, 2-channel audio
2023 Research on Contemporary Composition Conference

for Dancer and Projection (2020) for Fixed Media - 3'

2-channel audio
2024 Midwest Graduate Music Consortium

2022 Electric Louisiana Texas Festival
2020 Groundswell Emerging Composer Competition, Finalist


Gaudy (2019) for Four Players - 6'
2023 World Premiere by the University of Chicago New Music Ensemble, directed by Paul Novak

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