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Only Text (2023)    for text-to-speech software    05'

1-screen video, n-channel audio

Framework II (2021)   for fixed media    10'

1-screen video, 2/8-channel audio

for Dancer and Projection (2020)   for fixed media    03'

2-channel audio

finalist in GroundSwell's Emerging Composer Competition 2020

Four Studies (2020)    for player piano    05'

midi files for Yamaha Disklavier


SET (2023) for Korg Monotron Delay   08'

WP by the composer

Graspings (2022)   for cello      01'

WP by Colin Stokes

Past Waves (2022) for accordion   01'

WP by Stas Venglevski

Process (2021)   for celesta    03

WP by Alvin Leung

Décor (2021)   for toy piano    07'

WP by Alvin Leung

Puck (2021)    for toy piano    01'

WP by David Bohn

Framework III (2021)    for harp    05'

WP by Raquel Coleman

Albumblatt (2020)   for percussion      06'

two pieces of paper

WP by Benjamin Damann

Sugar Rush (2020)   for flute    03'

WP by Tyler Shropshire

for Andrew (2020)   for electric guitar    01'

WP by Andrew Noseworthy

Whorls (2020)   for bass flute    05'

WP by Anne Dearth Maker

um, ut, ur, ug (2019)   for piano    08'

TXP by Alvin Leung

WP by John Kosch

Magenta Variations (2018)   for clarinet     09'

WP by Amanda Forest

Insect Suite (2017)   for piano   08'

WP by Nicole Ying

Vice Versa (2017)   for vibraphone    01'

ONP by Sarek Gutierrez

WP by David Brongo


CHIRP (2023)   for piccolo and electronics   08'

2/4-channel audio

WP by Robin Meiksins

Pastorale (2022)   for viola and electronics    06'

2-channel audio

EP by Roberta Michelini

WP by Elsie Bae Han

Framework IV (2022)   for clarinet and electronics    08'

2/4/8-channel audio

WP by Brooke Miller

for Amanda (2021)   for clarinet and electronics    03'

2-channel audio

WP by Amanda Forest

White Sky Over the Lake (2020)   for percussion and electronics    var

mallet percussion and/or keyboard instrument(s), 2-channel audio, generative score

KSP by Scott Deal

WP by West Fox


Lucid Dream (2022)    for mezzo-soprano, soprano saxophone and piano    03'

WP by Trio Odelya (Manon Blanc-Delsalle, Mari Ángeles del Valle Casado, and Vittoria Quartararo)

If I Told Him (2021)   for four voices    07'

soprano, alto, tenor, bass

WP by Sarah Richards, Kristina Boerger, Thom Baker, and Russell Henry Holbert

Autumn (2018)   for soprano and ensemble    08'

solo soprano, flute/piccolo, clarinet, soprano saxophone, singing bowl, violin, viola

WP by Susan Dworkin and Ensemble Atlantica, directed by Baptiste Boiron

Six Blake Songs (2018)   for soprano and ensemble    21'

solo soprano, flute/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet, alto saxophone/tenor saxophone, violin, viola

WP by Susan Dworkin and Ensemble Atlantica, directed by Baptiste Boiron


Fabric (2021)   for sax quartet    08'

soprano, alto, tenor, baritone

The Machine Stops  (2021)  for flute, piano and video conferencing platform    09'

Two Pieces (2019)   for string quartet    08'

WP by the Del Sol String Quartet (Hyeyung Sol Yoon, Benjamin Kreith, Charlton Lee, and Kathryn Bates)

Fuchsine (2019)   for clarinet and ensemble    06'

solo clarinet, flute, alto flute, glockenspiel, violin, viola, cello, bass

Surfaces (2018)   for violin duo    04'

USP by Mia Detwiler and Amy Wang-Hiller

WP by the Vaso String Quartet (Aysel Taghi-Zada and Hua-chu Huang)

Fade (2018)   for cello and ensemble    05'

solo cello, flute, clarinet, glockenspiel, piano, violin, cello

WP by Hanna Rumora and the Orford Academy Contemporary Music Ensemble 2018, directed by Véronique Lacroix

Study on Four Frequencies (2018)   for viola and singing bowl    02'

Masstones  (2018)  for string quartet    09'

WP by the Bozzini Quartet (Clemens Merkel, Alissa Cheung, Stéphanie Bozzini and Isabelle Bozzini)

Chroma  (2017)  for ensemble    05'

flute/alto flute, glockenspiel/vibraphone/tubular bells, piano, violin, cello

WP by the Orford Academy Contemporary Music Ensemble 2017, directed by Véronique Lacroix

Mnemosyne  (2016)  for clarinet, violin and piano    08'

WP by Amanda Forest, Madeline Speller and Olena Bratishko


HOWL (2023) for viola, baritone saxophone and fixed media   34'

2/4-channel audio

WP by RE: Duo (Wilson Poffenberger and Elsie Bae Han)


Framework (2020)    for orchestra    04'

2(2=piccolo), 2, 2, 2 - 4, 3, 3, 1 - timpani, tubular bells - strings

um, ut, ur, ug (2020)   for orchestra    08'

3(3=piccolo), 3(3=english horn), 3(3=bass), 3(3=contra) - 4, 3, 3(3=bass), 1 - timpani, 3 percussion, harp, piano - strings

SLEW (2019)   for orchestra    07'

2, 2, 2, 2 - 4, 2, 2, 1 - timpani - strings

WP by the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, directed by Taichi Fukumura


Seven Counting Pieces  (2021)  for variable instrumentation    var

Gaudy (2019)   for four musicians    06'

WP by the University of Chicago New Music Ensemble, directed by Paul Novak

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